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‘Lava #1 & 2’ Acrylic Painting on Canvas (Set of 2)


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This stunning multi-color acrylic painting is an abstract inspired by the flow of molten lava. This painting is a series of 2. These can be hung either way, portrait or landscape. Framed in gold to complement the painting and hooks have been provided on all four sides

Product Specfication:-
Material: Acrylic Paint, Canvas and Acrylic Varnish Size : 9 x 11 each

Pricing: All prices include GST. Delivery charges are extra and varies per location based on vendor charges.

Care instructions: The product has been hand painted with a lot of love and care. Please treat it with the same. 2-3 coats of acrylic varnish has been applied on the painted surface for protection and shine. Clean dust daily with a soft dry cloth.

Special Note: This is a hand painted product and hence imperfections may occur. Please cherish it. Colors are represented quite accurately but slight variations may occur