‘Geode- Amethyst’ Resin Art on Solid Wood


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This epoxy resin wall art on a solid wood round has the design of a Geode. The details are achieved through a special art technique and is created in layers to achieve the depth and shine. It’s beautifully created in shades of lilac, white and gold with lots of natural amethyst, quartz and resin glass pieces. It’s a vibrant statement piece!

Product Specfication:-
Material: Wood & Epoxy Resin Size : 16 inch diameter


Care instructions: The product has been hand created with a lot of love and care. Please treat it with the same. This has a clear epoxy resin finish and can be dusted daily with a soft dry cloth. Alternately, it can be wiped down with a lint free cloth and isopropyl alcohol. For indoor use only.

Special Note: This is a hand created product and hence imperfections may occur. Please cherish it. Colors are represen