‘Flaming Sunset’ Resin & Alcohol Ink Paintings on Wood (Set of 2)


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This pair of resin and alcohol ink paintings are inspired by the beautiful and vivid sunset. The striking colors chosen are red, black and gold. It’s beautifully finished in clear epoxy resin and the deep edge canvas is wood base. The edges have been further enhanced with gold leaf which provides a perfect frame to these. This can be hung both ways, portrait or landscape and is very versatile. The epoxy resin finish on it lends an unbelievable gloss and brings out the colors even more. It’s a modern statement piece that will brighten your interiors and at the same time blend in due to it’s beautiful rich colors.

Product Specfication:-
Material: Wood, alcohol ink & resin Size : 12 x 12 inch (each)


Care instructions: The product has been hand painted with a lot of love and care. Please treat it with the same. 2-3 coats of art resin has been applied on the painted surface for protection and shine. Clean dust daily with a soft dry cloth.

Special Note: This is a hand painted product and hence imperfections may occur. Please cherish it. Colors are represented quite accurately but slight variations may occur.