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‘Red Sky’
Resin Art on Wood Panel


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‘Colorful Garden’ Wood, Preserved pressed flowers & Resin Tray

Beautiful Rakhi...Thankyou sovery much..I can see the love and care with which u have crafted these gorgeous pieces..
Am sure my daughters will love them..🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 

Mira (India)

‘Gulab’ Rose Solid Wood Table

It's so shiny and the floating petals are so romantic 😍 I really just love it so much! Thank you for letting me give it a home! I'm just beyond in love with it. I spent all of my breaks from working in the chair admiring it 💕

Mimi (Portland, Oregan)

‘Midnight blues’ Resin Art on Solid Wood

I can’t believe they are mine!!! I kinda feel like I’m borrowing them cause I’ve never owned something so cool! I love each piece in its own way. Love the beach wave one because it feels like the water is coming up the sand. Love the more swirl one cause it just feels like perpetual motion. Love the single wave about to crash cause it feels like all little parts are moving. I think my favorite is the single wave one right now. I loved it in photos. But in person I can see even more detail. They are sooo awesome!!!!

Katie (California)

‘Eve’ Alcohol Ink and Resin Art on Wood Panel

I think it’s really pretty. Reminds me of a sunset over a meadow in the summer. Sunsets and sunrises make me happy. This just has that perfect serene feel you get when looking at a fabulous sunset

Katie (California)

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