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‘Bougainvillea ’
Viridescent Green Solid Wood Table
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Verdant Solid Wood Table
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‘Sea Green Agate’
Resin Art on Wood Panel
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‘Rainbow Wave’
Resin Art on Solid Teak Wood
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Rakhi Jha is the founder of Mohanima. She has 25 years of experience in Art, Architecture and Interiors both in India and New York City. Finding unique artistic furniture and decor in an affordable budget has always been a big challenge. She started this line of accent pieces to address that. She believes color and art is not restricted to canvases only but can also be incorporated onto furniture. She personally crafts each piece taking inspiration from nature, beautiful artwork or simply colors. Her pieces are made from solid wood and she uses the finest grade paints and finishes to create her work as quality is important. Her desire is to enrich everyone’s home with a piece of furniture art that is uniquely there’s, that they can easily afford and which will enhance their everyday living.



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